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There is no better way to enjoy a beautiful summer day than cooking outdoors with friends and family. The smell of slow roasting fowl and the sight of beautiful, pink flesh browning over smoldering coals can turn even the fussiest of eaters into ravenous and impatient foodies. Chicken thighs, sirloin strips or pork chops - they all taste best served fresh off the grill with a side of baked potato, pan-fried mushrooms and sauteed onions.

No one knows outdoor cooking devices better than the Danes. Their spectacular summer evenings, picturesque landscape and love for friends and family have led to a long tradition of spending long evenings barbecuing with friends and family. dancook charcoal grills are the embodiment of that experience, turning centuries of culture into a one of a kind charcoal grilling experience.

Flavor-rich and Fat Free

In an era of sausage rolls, fried chicken and Chicken McNuggets, it can be easy to forget that meat did not always mean clogged arteries and saturated fats. In fact, scientists recently disproved the myth that red meat is bad for you, with data collected from certain European societies as well as primitive tribes, for whom red meat is a staple diet. It turns out, it is the processed meat that is bad for you, while red meat has been feeding man for as long as we know. Sadly, the modern meat eater is more likely to chew down a hotdog than to enjoy a nice juicy set of spare ribs and as the fast food industry grows bigger every day, good healthy diets have begun to decline.

However, that all changed when dancook charcoal grills burst into the market. Designed to cook your meat perfectly while lightly searing the crust, a charcoal grill is the best way to cook your meat so as to lock in the flavor and lose the excess fat without allowing any of the nutrients to escape. A well cooked leg of lamb can have the meat literally falling off the bone, ready to melt in your mouth at the first bite, fat free and full of flavor -- the way man was intended to dine.

The ideal instrument for the perfect Medium Rare

Every amateur chef dreams about cooking the perfect medium rare steak -- juicy, flavorful and delectable to taste with the deep pink on the inside radiating to the perfect crisp on the outside. While the true secret to getting perfection still lies in practice, even a master chef will tell you that a fine grill can work wonders even for a novice and there is no finer grill than a dancook charcoal grill.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, these grills are known and loved the world over for their elegant form and unparalleled performance. They are created to last, and have been honed over the decades to provide the perfect level of comfort and sophistication so that you can partake in this ancient method of cooking with all the enhancements of modern science at your disposal.